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when going down the south Pacific, you will need a Galapagos ship agent, we will be glad to assit you, all along, while you cruise around the islands, in a very personalized manner , to any vessel and with a broad experienced in the Island tours and Scuba Diving Expeditions.

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Enjoy these unique Islands with Galapagos Yacht Agency, the most knowledgeable provider and experienced since 1990.

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For private megayachts,sailing or motor yachts.

Any non-commercial vessel carrying 10 or more people on board, planning to visit and cruise the Galapagos National Park and Marine Reserve, need to obtain a permit granted by the Ecuadorian Govermment , with such permit, we present it to the Galapagos Park Director, then we obtain an approved Itinerary, based on the number of days you wish to sail around the different land or diving sites.We give you a personalized assistance in the islands, we have our main office in Miami and in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz island-Galapagos-Ecuador, from where we have been serving private vessels since 1992, we have been the pioneers in the field and cruising the islands, with the conformability of your own yacht. The owner, started working in the islands since 1980, as Naturalist dive guide, with a great knowledge in the Natural History, Oceanography, Geology, Flora & Fauna and most of all, with great knowledge of the dive sites, as divemaster, also in the commercial diving industry, Enjoy the best of the islands visitor's sites and the diving,or hike to the volcanoes,we have the experience in the Yachting community since 1990, and we will help you with professionalism and a complete satisfaction.

Basic requirements:

Ecuadorian Ministry of Defense approval, lenght of process, 8 weeks

Galapagos National Park approved Itinerary

National Park cruising tax

Fumigation certificate issued from the last port of call, prior the arrival in Galapagos

Naturalist guide on board

As Galapagos ship agent, the following are a list of services we provide:

To obtain your Galapagos Park permit

Arrange your cruise Itinerary

Customs & Immigration clearance

Fuel refilling

Gourmet provisions from Ecuador-mainland

Crew & guest assistance

Courier services and Yacht parts ,DHL, FEDEX

Bank Wire transfers

Diving Tours arrangements

Private jet flights and Logistics

Communication systems

Repairs and Technical Services

Adding trips to the Continental Ecuador, Indian markets or Amazon river expeditions.



When you sail down the South Pacific, we have the unique ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands, In the Island of Santa Cruz we have, the Town of Puerto Ayora, with about 15.000 inhabitants. with very peculiar scenery, a warm atmosphere and very friendly people, where you can visit the Charles Darwin Scientific Station, or go up to the highlands to see the lava tunnels, the giant tortoises in the wild, or taste the exquisite seafood specialties from the local restaurants ,or visit the regular visitor sites within the protected National Park, hiring local Yachts and services,following Park regulations.

Park cruising fee.

Private vessels carrying ten or more persons aboard, wishing to visit the Galapagos visitor sites, on your own Yacht, needs a special permit granted from the Ecuadorian Goverment, and the Galapagos National Park Headquarters,prior to the vessel arrival. We can assist you with this process, which takes 8 weeks, when we obtain the permit, we present it to the Galapagos Park Director, in order to get the final Permit-Itinerary, previously cancelling to the Park, the crew and guests tax cruising fee of $ 200.oo , which is per person, per day. This fee is charged for the days of the approved Itinerary only, for the cruise within the islands, excluding when the vessel is anchored while in Academy Bay- Santa Cruz or Cristobal Island. This tax is used strictly by the Galapagos National Park Administration for the numerous conservation programs. Also we help you hiring a highly trained Naturalist guide, who will be on board during the cruising Itinerary.

Park entrance fee.

There is an additional one time National Park entrance fee, of $100.oo per adult, and $ 50.oo for children under 12 years old , this fee is charged to all visitors.
One of the requirements for private vessels also is to hire a naturalist guide, who is trained and knowledgeable, to guide you through the visitorís sites of the archipelago.

More detailed information about our services:


The main airports are Baltra-Santa Cruz and Cristobal, both are over 1.000 meters in length for commercial and private jets, with all regular facilities.


We clear all Immigration procedure and pay fees,

Spare parts clearance and declared as parts for “Vessel in Transit”


Currency is the US dollar

Crew & Guest Assistance

Different ways of transporting, water taxis, buses.

Inter islands small plane flights.

Bank Wire Transfers

International transfers to Galapagos bank

For crew needs


We have our Private VHF channel, cel, and sat. phones,

We provide with High speed internet services

 Health Information

We have a new reconstructed hospital in Puerto Ayora, also in Cristobal Island ,

The two main inhabited islands , Santa Cruz and Cristobal, have general hospitals, and several private doctors with different specializations, several dentists and all the facilities for any emergencies.

Gourmet provisions

High quality of provisions from Guayaquil-mainland Ecuador , we have providers for any short time orders, there are 3 daily commercial flights Guayaquil-Baltra Island ( 1:25 hrs.)

Also some good products from the islands in order to accomplish all needs, there is a farmers market fair every Saturday in Puerto Ayora-Santa Cruz Island, besides a couple of stores for any quantity of drinking water, beer, sodas and produce in general..

Fuel bunkering

Pre-arrange fuel quality supplied from either Baltra island or Santa Cruz

Any amount of gas or diesel oil, competitive prices, strict quality control,

Fast service and safety

Private Jet and Logistics

Jet handling , custom clearance for guest assistance in Baltra Island or Cristobal airports

Dive cruises arrangements

Organize either full diving or combined tours , using local first class Yachts.

Hiring a highly recommended naturalist dive guide.

Organize day trips, kayaking, hiking, bicycling, catch & release fishing, etc.

Courier services and Yacht parts , DHL, FEDEX

US mail delivery to the Yacht, parts clearing from Guayaqul- Baltra airports

And customs, delivery through DHL,FEDEX, very reliable

Repairs and technical support

Engineering assistance, troubleshooting, repairs with mechanical, electrical,

Electronics, running gears., we work together with a team of the best technicians depending on the specialty

Complete diving gears, compressors rentals, tender diving supports.

Emergency hyperbaric chamber and treatment facilities.


Fumigation Certificate from the last Port of call will be needed, to present it once you arrive in the Islands.


Port Charges:

Arrival US$ 0.20 x Gross Tonnage (0.028 Saturday and Sunday)
Access Channel US$ 2.2 x GT
Anchoring US$ 2.02 x GT
Lighting US$ 3.00 x GT
Format US$ 0.37

Inter island arrival or departure USD 1,50

Weekends and holidays USD $3,00

Frecuency use USD $9,48
Departure US$ 0.014 x GT (0.028 Saturday and Sunday)
Immigration Fee ( Single Payment Per Vessel)
To enter the Country US$ 15.00
To leave the Country US$ 15.00
National Park Entrance Fee
Adult US$ 100.00
Child US$ 50.00



Testimonials from last vessel visited:

"Fernando Espinoza, Galapagos Divers Inc. represented our private motor yacht Bossy Boots in the Galapagos Archipelago during March 2007.

Bossy Boots completed two,four day cruising itineraries which encumbered land and aquatic based activities.Fernando organized compulsory live aboard guide Jaime Navas to host the land and aquatic activities who was incredible. His knowledge, social skills and english were excellent.Fernando additionally organized fuel, provisions, airport transfers and any other task I requested of him. Although a considerable amount of politics and bureaucracy surround the process of obtaining a cruising permit for private yachts in Galapagos, Fernando always managed to execute all administrative tasks dutifully and in atimely manner.

I always found Fernando to be polite and courteous with all my dealings. Furthermore, I would recommend Fernando to any future captain planning an itinerary to the Galapagos islands,"

Yours sincerely,

Michael Judges

Captain M/Y Bossy Boots II

Let us take care of your vessel! For more information Contact:

Toll Free:1-800-4260802 ----
Miami 305-332 3099
Telefax : 954 967 2547
PO BOX 312 Hallandale FL 33008 USA

Main Office:    6306 SW 23 St.   Suite 100 Miramar     FL 33023 USA

Branch Offices in Quito and Santa Cruz Island-Galapagos-Ecuador

International callers 001-305-332 3099

With our Branch Offices in Quito-Ecuador and Santa Cruz Island-Galapagos.

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