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Enjoy our Galapagos diving adventures, where waters are cool, Underwater Galapagos is for the wildlife lover. For the photographer, the islands provides as many surprises as it does on land. The sharks are tamed, playful sea lions , you can observe penguins diving with marine iguanas, Most people book their diving holiday as a complete package on a live-aboard boat, although a recent development offers land-base dive operations . all dives are coordinated by a diving guide, who is licensed by the Galapagos National Park Service and the Naval authorities to lead underwater excursions. You should carry with you your dive card, evidence of medical fitness and insurance, you may have to sign a disclaimer form.
We offer naturalist tours and Galapagos diving trips (Live aboard Yachts), individuals, land base trips with hotels, groups or individuals trips. We work with different Yachts , cruise ships and hotels, giving you the best option for your custom tour

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Sample Naturalist Itinerary

8-day/7-night Land Tour

16 people Wed. - Wed.

1. Quito/Baltra - Playa Bachas
2. Isla Plaza - Isla Santa Fe
3. Isla Española (Punta Suarez - Bahía Gardner)
4. Floreana (Bahía del Correo - Punta Cormorant - Corona del Diablo)
5. Santa Cruz (Charles Darwin Research Station -Highlands)
6. Isla Rábida - Bartolomé
7. Isla Genovesa
8. Seymour Norte - Baltra/Quito


14 people Wed. - Wed.

DAY 1.
North Seymour (dive check)

DAY 2.
Bartolomé land visit

DAY 3.
Wolf Island

DAY 4.
Darwin Island

DAY 5.
Wolf or Darwin

DAY 6.
Wolf or Darwin

DAY 7.
James Bay (land visit)

DAY 8.
Caleta Tortuga Negra - Baltra






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